Digilivery is an end to end digital solutions company.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive digital products from ideation to market launch and operation.
We hold your hand and lead you through all your project phases to ensure a complete and successful delivery from start to finish.
Using the latest technologies with best in class project management, software design, development, and go to market techniques, our promise is to deliver unique user experiences at every moment of truth.



We support your brand equity establishment, naming, domain registration, logo design, and all your key brand assets enabling you to stand out in the market.

Go To Market Strategy

We partner with you to design and deliver a best in class Go To Market strategy with clear requirements, targets, and execution channels.

Digital Marketing

We handle your digital requirements and creative assets based on the outlined Go To Market strategy while enabling optimal and disruptive marketing campaigns.

UI / UX Design

With your users at the center of everything, we design clean and powerful wireframes both for Websites & Mobile Apps creating unforgettable experiences.

Software Development

We take care of all your software development needs for both Web & Mobile Apps, including Front end, Back end, and Database programming with rigorous testing and quality assurance.

Server Hosting

We recommend optimal hosting solutions with bulletproof architecture and cybersecurity for your digital assets, keeping in mind service capacity, availability, and continuity.

Data & Analytics

We enable you with the right metrics, tracking and reporting capabilities while putting you on a growth hacking path using key insights and actionable data analysis.

Maintenance & Operation

We don’t plan for short term transactions while partnering to run your ongoing digital operations from all angles related to marketing, design, development, hosting, and traffic growth.

Project Management

Using best practices and leading agile frameworks, we ensure your project is constantly exceeding expectations while delivering value in every increment.

is a Digilivery product!

bembey is the new chat App connecting people for a better purpose!
It’s the place where you can connect and chat with any similar person from around the world, in a fun, friendly, and completely safe environment.

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Nestled in the heart of the Middle East and in the region’s leading hub for technology and innovation, the UAE is our beacon to the global markets and latest technologies.


We promise you full transparency even when it hurts, we don’t strive on volume transactions or working on projects we don’t believe in.


We take ownership and accountability of our digital solutions before officially signing off as “Digilivered”! We do not consider ourselves a service provider, we are your partner.


We don’t cherry-pick or run away from specific services. We offer our full portfolio to choose from, enabling you to establish and run your digital business end to end.


We believe that attention to detail is what makes the biggest difference between success and failure.
And we love details!

The Founders


Andre is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and a Business Technology Executive with more than a decade worth of experience in IT Projects, Innovation, and Shared Services for multinational & regional environments. Highly passionate about bringing digital solutions to life while transforming Business processes and consumer habits today for a better tomorrow.


Thierry is a multi-cultural executive and investor with over 30 years’ international experience in value-creation, strategic management, concept promotion, and implementation in different sectors (Start-ups, Technology, Banking, Private Equity and Real Estate). Highly passionate about establishing and growing businesses while inspiring teams to reach their peak levels of commitment and performance.